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WinDa Choir: Childhood/Days On My Past 闻达合唱团视频《童年》:首次特邀嘉宾

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This is the third Karaoke video by WinDa Choir. Members of WinDa are @windowglass @winniex @davidke20 and @dapeng. This time, we are much pleased that we invited @mygoblin as our guest to join the choir! Surprise!

We are a group from Asia, US, and Europe!

As it is approaching the Children’s Day in China, we sang together a very famous song: Childhood, by Lo Ta-yu.

The original lyrics tells every detail of the fun childhood. Before I would start translating the lyrics into English, I was surprised to find an English version of this song, called Days On My Past, with the same melody:

I recall when I was young, OH I will play and always having fun with the neighbour next to me And we’ll play until the setting sun try to be The best among the others in a game call the “Spider battle” It doesn’t matter who is the best how those were the days of my past

few years later when I got to school and was late for lesson all the time Always day dreaming in the class till I don’t even know the lessons done Then my teacher always tell me never ever be lazy again what can I do now What can I say now Those were the days of my past

As the days go on and on I grew up and had my first love candle light and sandy beach finally give away my first kiss mother said I was too young to fall in love and then I will one day regret so love was over but I do miss her those were the days of my past

just when I left my high school and got my first job as a salesmen working hard all day and night no one there to lend a helping hand daddy told me not to worry and said that I should go on step by step those were the days of my past

then once day I settled down with the only one I really love gona small family with two kid that is what I’m always hoping for But I still remember having fun with all my friends when I was young I miss my hometown I miss my old friend Those were the days of my past I miss my hometown I miss my old friend When will I see them again

The English lyrics tells not only the childhood, but also the growing steps of a person. I think it has the spirit of the original Chinese lyrics. Then I do not have to translate it. Hoo~~

The video clip is on dlive at the beginning of this post. It is also available now on Youtube.

Thank you for your attention!

儿童节将至,我们“闻达”合唱团合作了一首《童年》。 参与录制视频的,除了@windowglass @winniex @davidke20 和 @dapeng 四位固定成员外,我们首次邀请了一位嘉宾,她就是——

大头娃娃 @mygoblin!






  • 第一次邀请嘉宾
  • 第一次和声
  • 第一次录外景
  • 第一次宽屏


罗大佑这首《童年》,很多人耳熟能详,旋律明快上口,歌词写得极美。我就不再拷贝粘贴了。不过,在写本文英文部分的时候,我意外发现,这首歌有英译版,名叫《过去的日子》(*Days on My Past*)歌词也写得非常好(英文见上文,视频见这里),我简单翻译如下:

回想起小的时候 我总是快乐地玩 跟邻居一起 玩到日落西山 玩的游戏叫蜘蛛大战 每次都想当第一 如今谁是第一 已经不重要了 那些是我过去的日子

几年之后我去上学 上课总是迟到 上课时开小差 连下课都不知道 老师总是告诫我 不要再懒 现在我能做啥 现在我能说啥 那些是我过去的日子

一天又一天 我长大了 有了我的初恋 烛光和沙滩 终于有了我的初吻 妈妈说我还太小 早恋不太好 将来失恋时我会后悔 但是我真的想念她 那些是我过去的日子

中学毕业 我的第一份工作是做销售 没日没夜辛苦干活儿 没一个人来帮忙 爸爸告诉我 别担心 一步一步来 那些是我过去的日子

有一天我安顿下来 和我唯一的真爱 有了个我一直渴望的小家庭和两个小孩 然而我仍然记得小时候 跟朋友们在一起的快乐时光 我想念家乡 想念老朋友 他们是我过去的日子

我想念家乡 想念老朋友 何时才能再相见

视频上传到了本文开头的 dlive 之外,还上传到了 youtube 上,见文末。为了方便国内访问,还传到了优酷

谢谢 @mygoblin !谢谢大家的关注!


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