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Looking for contributors to R mf package

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‘mf’ packge is an R package I have been developing for meteorological models. Now I am looking for contributors to help me solve the following problem.

I have ordinary differential equations (ODEs) in atmospheric chemistry. I have a Matlab script, written by another guy, which can solve them. Now I have converted it into R script. However, the results are different.

In Matlab many functions are available to solve ODEs, including ode15s, ode23s, ode23t, ode23tb. My Matlab script uses ode23tb.

The deSolve package in R provides a function ode(), where many methods are available:

method = c("lsoda", "lsode", "lsodes", "lsodar", "vode", "daspk",
           "euler", "rk4", "ode23", "ode45", "radau", 
           "bdf", "bdf_d", "adams", "impAdams", "impAdams_d", "iteration")

However, ode23tb is not included.

What I have tested

I tested a simple ODE from Matlab online help:

dy/dt = - 10t

The Matlab script:

tspan = [0 2];
y0 = 1;
[t,y] = ode23tb(@(t,y) -10*t, tspan, y0);

My R script

tspan = seq(0, 2, 0.2)
y0 = 1
testf <- function(t, y, p){
  with(as.list(c(y, p)), {
    dydt = -a*t
p <- list(a = 10)
zz <- deSolve::ode(y = y0, times = tspan, func = testf, parms = p)

The results are different. In the R scirpt, ode() uses the default method ‘lsoda’.

If I use ode23 method in both scripts, i.e. in the Matlab script:

[t,y] = ode23(@(t,y) -10*t, tspan, y0);

while in R script:

zz <- deSolve::ode(y = y0, times = tspan, func = testf, parms = p, method = 'ode23')

They give the same results.

However, the atmosphereic chemistry ODEs I have to solve are complicated. If I use ode23 method, the calculation is too slow in both Matlab and R. 12 hours has passed and the calculation is still going on.

My Problem

How can I use Matlab ode23tb function in R? Or how can I use “lsoda” method in Matlab?

Only by using the same method can I compare the results from Matlab and R.

Your contribution will be much appreciated and acknowledged in the mf package.


It is listed in my project page on utopian.io.

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