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Turn the word 'dog' into a drawing (40s video) - 单词 dog 变小狗的 40 秒视频演示

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Today evening my little son asked me to draw something for him. I am not good at drawing, to be honest, and I had no idea what to draw. Yes, it was always the mama’s job, but mama was not home.

I had to find a way before he cried.

Then it came to my mind that @angelina6688 posted a tutorial, teaching how to turn the word dog into a picture of dog. Later @windowglass followed the tutorial and did a good job.

OK, let papa give a shot.

It took me 5 minutes to please my little son. I accelerated the video into 40 seconds.




于是我想起来安吉丽娜马甲线前不久在教大家如何把 dog 这个词变成一条狗狗。窗玻璃跟着模仿,画得很不错。


五分钟画完了。我把视频加速到 40 秒播放完。

My video is at DLive