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[Task Request on beginr] if() function with conditions of length > 1

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Recently I have received a notice that, as the author, I have to fix a problem in the R package beginr. Unfortunately I did not have time to fix it. Today I am very sad to find that beginr has been removed from CRAN.

The problem is simple. When the conditions of length is greater than one, the function if() gives a warning. The current development version of R is moving from giving a warning to giving an error by default in the near future. This tiny change will break some packages, including beginr. Currently, checking beginr fails when checking with env var _R_CHECK_LENGTH_1CONDITION set to true.

The task is to check all the functions in beginr, find all possible if() functions which are related, and fix the package to no longer use if() with conditions of length greater than one.


Each function with if() in R/foo.R will not accept the conditions of length greater than one.


15 June, 2018.


Contact @dapeng on steemit.com or pzhaonet on github.com.