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Bug Hunting: An Error of Warning and Post Size of busy.org

Links: steemit.com, cnsteem.com, busy.org, steemdb.com, steemd.com

The Issue

Days ago I reported a bug of steemit.com that an article with only about 400 lines cannot be posted on steemit.com, unless I reduced it to 150 lines. Yesterday I tested the same article on busy.org and found an error.

The behavior of Busy.org

When I pasted this article to the default editor interface of busy.org and clicked the post button, the button displayed ‘submitting’ for seconds,


Then a red cross appeared on the top of the editor:


The red cross was there for seconds, and disappeared. The post failed to post. Nothing else happened.

I removed some lines and tested many times, but the same error message appeared again and again. Finally, I posted the first 150 lines successfully.

Expected behavior

busy.org should show a readable and understandable warning if there is something wrong with the post. Only a red cross is confusing, and the author does not know what to do. If the problem is the text size limit, as I mentioned in the bug report of steemit.com, then I would suggest that busy.org should check the size limit when the user types something in the default editor, or show a online counter displaying how many characters the user can type.

How to reproduce

Copy the text here and paste to the default online editor of busy.org, and click the post button.


Windows 7 + Firefox 56

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