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WinDa Choir: Special for Mother's Day

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It’s been two weeks since WinDa, the first-ever choir in the Steemit CN community, was started. As the Mother’s Day is approaching, we have made a special issue, including a MV and several audio records.

The song in the MV is Truly Love You by the rock band Beyond. Truly Love You is a tribute song to mothers, and is one of the best-known songs from Beyond. Two of us speak Mandarin, while the other two speak Cantonese. Thus the MV is a mixture of the two languages.

The audio records are some pop songs in Chinese, which are briefly introduced in the Chinese version of this post:


Members of WinDa: @windowglass @winniex @davidke20 @dapeng.

All the best to every mama. Thank you for your attention!

My video is at DLive