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bookdownplus: an R package for writing assorted books and documents - 将你的帖子整理成一本漂亮的书

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Hi guys! This is my first post on utopian.io. Hopefully it goes on the right way. This post was written bilingually, in English and Chinese.

嘿,你好!这是我在 utopian.io 发布的第一篇帖子。但愿我的发布方式没出什么岔子。本文用英文和中文写作,中文在后半部分。


This post is to introduce an open-source package called bookdownplus I have been developing with R language for writing assorted books and documents in bookdown environment.

If you are a Steemian, or a markdown user, you might want to organize your posts in a friendly and elegant way. As far as I know, R bookdown package is the best tool to convert markdown files into a nice book. However, bookdown is not easy for beginners. An R beginner might be confused or depressed in struggling in the flood of LaTeX, YAML, Markdown, Pandoc, etc.

bookdownplus is the easiest shortcut to the world of bookdown. With just one single command users can get a demo book (or multiple demo books) in pdf, Word document, html, epub, or even more formats. bookdownplus extends the features of bookdown, and simplifies the procedure. Users only have to choose a template, clarify the book title and author name, and then focus on writing the text. No need to struggle in YAML and LaTeX.


Multiple templates are included in bookdownplus. With these templates bookdownplus helps you write academic journal articles, guitar books, chemical equations, mails, calendars, diaries, etc.. For instance, the theisis_classic can convet your markdown file into a pdf book like this:

and the poem template can make a nice poem book like this:

Even a book with guitar chords:

If you have programing codes especially R codes in your posts, they can be integrated into your book in a reproducible way owing to the feature of R markdown, which looks like this:

Quick start

-1. Download R and install it.

-2. Download LaTeX and install it.

-3. In R environment, run the following codes to install bookdown and bookdownplus.

devtools::install_github("pzhaonet/bookdownplus") # the development version 
# or the stable version from CRAN

-4. Generate a demo book.



Proof of work

Here is a sreenshot of my login webpage.



Wouldn’t it be cool to make your steem posts into such a book?

Enjoy R bookdownplus !

本文介绍的是我开发的一个开源程序包,唤作 bookdownplus,可以在 R 语言环境下制作各种书籍和文档。

如果你是 steem 或者 markdown 用户,你可能会想把你的帖子整理成一本漂亮的书跟别人分享。据我所知。R ‘bookdown’ 是将 markdown 格式的文件转化成书的最佳工具。可惜的是,bookdown 并不容易上手。R 语言初学者可能要为 LaTeX, YAML, Markdown, Pandoc 等折腾很久,也享受不到 bookdown 带来 的快乐。

于是我开发了 bookdownplus。

bookdownplus 是对 bookdown 的增强和简化, 是快速使用 bookdown 的最简洁方法。bookdownplus 提供了很多有用的模板,可以很方便地在 bookdown 平台写文集、期刊论文、学位论文、学术海报、化学分子式、信件、日记、日历、诗集、吉他谱等各种常用文档和书籍。这是功能上的增强(+)。bookdownplus 使用时只需指定一个模板,给定作者和书名,就可以一键生成模板文件,用户在模板文件里照猫画虎写自己的文字就可以了,不必再花力气上网找模板、设置 YAML 和 LaTeX。这是操作上的简化(-)。

上文给了几个图示,分别展示了 bookdownplus 生成的文章合集、诗集、吉他谱、编程书籍的示例。

怎么样,快来用 bookdownplus 把你的 steem 帖子做成一本漂亮的书吧!

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