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mindr: an R package that creates a markdown post out of a mind map - 将帖子转成思维导图

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This post was written bilingually, in English and Chinese.




A mind map is a diagram used to visually organize information. Markdown is a markup language widely used for writing, for example, posts on steem and Utopian.io.

This post is to introduce an open-source package called mindr I have been developing with R language for creating mindmaps from markdown posts, or vice versa.


If you are a mindmap fan, you might start an Utopian.io post from a mindmap like this:

Submit to Utopian.jpg

Yes, this is the structure of this post. Maybe it could be a template for Utopian.io.

The mindmap helps organize your idea. Now you start writing your post. Isn’t boring if you have to type the same words in the mindmap again?

On the other way around, if you have already written a post, wouldn’t it be amazing if you present the outline of the post in a nice mindmap?


With R mindr package, these tasks can be done with one single command.

Markdown to Mindmap

mindr can convert a markdown file or multiple markdown files, such as steem posts, into one mindmap, which could be opened and edited with common mindmap software like Freemind and Xmind.

Mindmap to Markdown

mindr can also convert a mindmap into a markdown file, which can be a good start of your post.


If you don’t like mindmaps, you can use mindr just to extract the outline from your markdown file(s).

Quick Start

Installation of R

Download R and install it.

Installation of mindr

In R environment, run the following codes to install mindr.

# stable version:
# or development version:


As an example from markdown to mindmap, run:


then you will get a demo mind map file mindr.mm in the working directory (getwd()). Open it with any mind-map (brainstorm) software, and you will get a mind map.

As an example from mindmap, run:


then you will get a demo markdown file mindr.md in the working directory (getwd()).

Days ago I introduced the R package bookdownplus. From a book by bookdownplus or bookdown, you can simply get a mindmap with mindr. For example, if you throw the markdown files of the repo rstudio/bookdown into a folder and run mindr, you will get a mindmap like this:


Proof of Work

The following images are screenshots showing I am the author ‘pzhaonet’ of mindr.




All I wanted to say is: mindr is a useful package for steemians who take writing serious.

本文介绍的是我开发的一个开源免费的 R 扩展包,唤作 mindr,用来在思维导图和 markdown 之间转换。





只需先安装 R 语言环境,再按上文介绍的代码安装 mindr 扩展包,就可以得到上文展示的示例。

来试一下 mindr 吧!

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