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[New Features on Steemg] CN-Green contest!

Links: steemit.com, cnsteem.com, busy.org, steemdb.com, steemd.com


A brief introduction to Steemg can be found in one of my previous posts: steemg: an online collection and analysis tool for steem activities and contests. Thanks to the support from utopian.io!

What feature(s) I added

A new webpage of the CN-Green contest was added, which displays and analyzes the post and author data online. CN-Green is a new contest in the CN community, which started in March 2018. Any work, such as handicrafts made of recycled materials, logo designs, drawings, photographs, and ideas about environmental protection, can participate this contest. CN-Green Contest was intended to draw your attention to the environmental protection and a green life.

The webpage of the CN-Green contest includes:

  • a table which displays all the related posts of the CN-Green Contest with the date, author, title, hyperlink, payout and upvote,


  • search bars with which users can sort each column by simply clicking the headers in either ascending order or descending order,
  • a table of the participation frequency of each author, whom the users can rank by the cumulative participation frequency, or the cumulative payout, or the cumulative upvotes, and


  • statistic analysis figures of the time series of cumulative posts, votes and payouts.


The CN-Green contest is going to be a long-term continuous activity on Steem. Thus Steemg can serve as a useful tool for the participants as well as the organizers.

How I implemented them?

I added some data processing codes in the server.R and some web elements in the ui.R. Link to relevant lines in the code on GitHub is here and here. Have fun!