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Self introduction of @dapeng 大鹏

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Hi everyone! My name is Peng. My friends call me dapeng (see the meaning) as my nickname. Thus my Steemit ID is @dapeng, which can be found in most of the figures in my posts like:

It is me and my wife. It is hard to find a nice picture with me alone in it after I got married.

Story of Steemit and me

I joined Steemit in October 2016, following the introduction by @tumutanzi. Considering Steemit’s starting time in March 2016, I was indeed an early bird.

However, I am a careless bird as well. I lost my password soon after my first post was posted. If you are aware of SRS (the Seven Rules of Steemit), you know what it means: DISASTER. DEPRESSION. DESPERATION. I tried ways to recover my password, but none of them worked. I became an angry bird. Temper did not work, though. The only cure was to forget about Steemit.

Nine months later, @tumutanzi introduced Steemit to (not only) me again, and told me that he had made a lot of money out of his Steemit posts. In the meanwhile I had made not even a penny from my personal blog. I was not a stupid bird, was I? I guessed @tumutanzi would intentionally or unintentionally bother me again in the future when he becomes a Steemit millionaire. Fortunately and amazingly, I found my lost Steemit password. If you are aware of SRS, you know what it means: INTERESTING. INCREDIBLE. IMPOSSIBLE. I thought it was a miracle and I was destined to come back to Steemit so as to shut @tumutanzi’s mouth up.

What a lucky bird!

What I am blogging and not blogging

  • I am a tourist who has been to many places on the Earth. I am posting pictures taken in these places, such as in China, Germany, Korea, Italy, Czech, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Slovenia and so on.
  • I am currently living in Austria. I am writing the everyday life in Austria.
  • I father two kids. I am writing their funny stories. My elder son plays the piano and I play the guitar more or less. I am sharing some videos of our music.
  • I speak Chinese, English, and a little German. I am writing some inter-cultural topics.
  • I am an R user and package developer. I might write something about R language.
  • I am a long-term blogger. I am re-posting some old posts from my blog with new updates, e.g. new pictures, new idears, with English translation. They were written in markdown syntax and it is easy to migrate.
  • Moreover, I am a scientific researcher in Micrometeorology, or more generally, Atmospheric Sciences, or Environmental Sciences, — you don’t have to know what it is. I won’t mention it in my Steem blog. But in case you are interested, please visit my personal website.

Nice meeting you guys here!

大家好!我是大鹏,Steemit 账号就是 @dapeng。我的帖子里,插图大部分都有我的ID,本文的两幅插图就是例子。

我和 Steemit

2016年十月,我响应 @tumutanzi 的号召而加入了 Steemit,算是来得早的,笨鸟先飞嘛。只是,我发布了 第一篇帖子后,就把登录密码给忘了,确实是个笨鸟。如果你知道 Steemit 的七项条例,你就明白这是多大的灾难。密码丢了就找不回来了,唯一的解决办法,就是三十六计走为上。

九个月之后,@tumutanzi 又来了,这回他居然晒了他的钱包,说他从 Steemit 赚了大钱。与此同时,我的博客一毛钱都没赚到。都一样是写博客,做人的差距咋就这么大呢?那我还是重回 Steemit 再试试吧。不然的话,将来等 @tumutanzi 成了亿万富翁的时候再来晒钱包,不管他是有意还是无意,我可能都会被刺激到。与此同时,我的 Steemit 密码竟然被我找回来了!我觉得这是冥冥之中自有天意。


  • 游记。晒照片。介绍景点和旅游攻略。我去过中国很多地方,也去过德国,韩国,意大利,捷克,瑞士,法国,荷兰,匈牙利,斯洛文尼亚,列支敦士登等国家。
  • 奥地利的日常生活。这是我目前生活的地方。
  • 育儿。我家有俩娃,很多趣事值得记录。大娃弹钢琴,我会弹一点吉他,所以我会在这里贴一些我们的音乐视频。
  • 跨文化交流。我说汉语,英语和德语,懂一点韩语。
  • R 语言。我开发了几个R语言包,并且写了一本书,今年即将出版。
  • 我博客上的旧帖子。当时写得草率,如今趁机重新整理加工,附上英文翻译,添加照片,在这里梅开二度。
  • 我的正经工作是科研,专业是微气象学,或者往上一级算是大气科学,环境科学。专业领域的东西我一般不在这里写。但是如果碰巧你感兴趣,欢迎移步我的 个人网站.