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历史上的今天 10-07

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“风住尘香花已尽,日晚倦梳头。物是人非事事休,欲语泪先流。”今天是 2017 年十月 07 日,星期六。历史上的十月 07 日,steem 的 “cn” 板块发生过什么事?



去年的今天,”cn” 类目共发布了40 篇帖子。我们为您随机挑选了一些帖子和回复如下。

2016-10-07 “cn” 类目随机挑选的回复 Randomly sampled replies in “cn” category

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@cheetah Hi! I am a content-detection robot. This post is to help manual curators; I have NOT flagged you….Here is similar content:…http://us.dongtaiwang.com/do/Qa_Z/ottL3Nx2N_xQAiGLxjX/YNt3/r4/r-/-r/619854.html?中国楼市真相与最新趋势剖析(一)/
@solarguy well kept for a place that doesn’t get many visitors. It wont be hard to find someone to go with you.
@richristow It was an apartment building converted into different rooms. I found myself going up a staircase as he unlocked room after room. Some of the rooms smelled a little of mildew, but other than that, yes. Very well kept up. Whatever chinese friend that goes with will, whenever I do go back, will have to have a car. Taking the bus out to this place would be too complicated.
@jasonmcz Are you still in Changzhou? I am currently here :D
@richristow Yeah, I am in Xinbei. Been in Xinbei for about six months. Before that, I lived in Wujin /College Town for about two years. I am the guy that does the www.realchangzhou.org blog. (Sorry for the plug, and don’t know if you have happened onto the site)
@lemooljiang 1、审查是相对的。现在steem的用户还不多,影响还不大。大家也是为了赚钱,一些相对敏感的内容大家不会发的。…2、图片和视频要先发到其它网站上,steem只保存文字和链接,所以容量相对较小。…3、https://steemd.com ,这里可以查看所有的东东。
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@anns Pretty Pictures of Persimmons

2016-10-07 “cn” 类目随机挑选几个帖子 Randomly sampled posts in “cn” category

author title payout_SBD net_votes
@birds90 My Macro Photography - Charming Eyes (Original) 64.088 101
@yangyang The Love of Bees Drawing 蜂之戀 5.142 75
@ace108 SteemitPhotoChallenge round 12: Lion dance - 舞狮 (by @ace108) 3.320 95
@adamt Steemitphotochallenge #12 - entry 1 - people in Hong Kong - entry 1 0.018 27
@myfirst Persimmon Garden And friends Chat Steemit 3.374 66
@fishingvideos Zhelin Lake fishing 3.709 40
@steven1980 Steem Ranking: TOP 30 Author Rewards (STEEM排行榜:发帖奖励前30名) – Update:2016-10-07 4.878 43
@freechina 微距摄影●桃花 0.000 4
@lemooljiang 想起你来–时代的歌之六十五 3.383 24
@adamt Steemitphotochallenge #12 - entry 2 - the soul of Beijing - the forbidden city 2.268 48

2016-10-07 “cn” 类目收益最高的帖子 Top posts with the most payout in “cn” category

author title payout_SBD net_votes
@ability I’m new here,CN team has a new member 64.878 85
@birds90 My Macro Photography - Charming Eyes (Original) 64.088 101
@elfkitchen The Delicious Potted tea with milk - 美味的盆栽奶茶 (Original for Steemit) 47.872 77
@richristow Hidden Dragons in Changzhou 47.589 31
@sweetsssj An Overview of my Two Months on Steemit^^ 24.338 298

2016-10-07 “cn” 类目获赞最多的帖子 Top posts with the most net votes in “cn” category

author title payout_SBD net_votes
@sweetsssj An Overview of my Two Months on Steemit^^ 24.338 298
@laonie Real-Time Update of RobinHood Whale Project 罗宾鲸火贴实时更新 07-10 4.838 197
@ace108 SteemitPhotoChallenge round 12: Prayers -祈祷 (by @ace108) 23.437 125
@dixonloveart God is protecting the Peace at the border of Burma-China 23.722 115
@birds90 My Macro Photography - Charming Eyes (Original) 64.088 101

“闻说双溪春尚好,也拟泛轻舟。只恐双溪舴艋舟,载不动许多愁。” 感谢关注“大鹏观察”。欢迎提出宝贵意见。谢谢。


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