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[New Features on steemg] Four more contests!

Links: steemit.com, cnsteem.com, busy.org, steemdb.com, steemd.com



New Features

What feature(s) did you add?

steemg is an online collection app for steem contests. Four new webpages were added, each of which displays and analyzes the post and author data of a contest online. The four contests are:

  • CN-31 contest, which started in Oct. 2017 for new steemians in the CN community,

  • CN-Voice contest, which started in Oct. 2017 as a contest of singing, talk shows, reading … anything about voice,

  • CN-Sport contest, which started in March 2018 as a contest of sports photos, and

  • CN-Funny contest, which started in Feb. 2018 as a contest of funny complaining.

Each new webpage includes a post table with search bars, a participation table, and statistic analysis figures.

How I implemented them?

I added some data processing codes in the server.R and some web elements in the ui.R. Link to relevant lines in the code on GitHub is displayed in the newest commit:


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