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[Task Request on Steemg.org] Logo design

Links: steemit.com, cnsteem.com, busy.org, steemdb.com, steemd.com




Steemg (website: http://steemg.org) is an open-source tool which collects and analyzes the data of steem activities and contests. More information about the project can be found in one of my previous post: [New Project] steemg: an online collection and analysis tool for steem activities and contests.

What I need

Currently, there is no official logo for steemg.org. I need a logo for this website, so that the page on steemg.org would be displayed in an impressive way.


  • The color scheme for the log should agree with the website’s color scheme. A screenshot of the website steemg is shown below.


  • As steemg.org is originated from steemr.org, the logo of steemg.org should agree with the style of that of steemr.org. It should be simple, neat, shaped in hexagon.

  • The logo should be submitted in one of the following formats: .png, .jpg, .gif.

  • Currently an image is embedded in the webpage for temporal use. The logo dimension should be similar to the image.

  • steemg.org is not limited to the Chinese community, although currently there are only CN contests available. So please do not limit the logo regionally.


  • The logo will be embedded in the header of the side panel of the webpage on steemg.org.

  • The logo will be used in the posts of the steemg.org documentation and development log.


21st June 2018 00:00 UTC.