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[New Features on steemr] Diagrams in the Shiny app for the statistics of the Steem CN community!

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Brief Intro and curriculum

steemr’ is an open source R package for playing with Steem data in R environment. It is used to download, post process, analyze, and visualize Steem data on the basis of the powerful statistic power of R.

Previously on steemr:

New Features

What features did I add?

I added diagrams into the Shiny app scner(). These diagrams include the word clouds of the Steemians of the CN community, as well as the histograms for the distributions according to the ESP, account value, online-days, etc..


Minor bugs were fixed as well.

How did I implement them?

I added two internal functions, i.e. pcner() for plotting wordclouds chars, and phist() for plotting enhanced and customized histograms, in ‘R/shiny.r’. New codes were added to the function scner_ui() and scner_server() to build the elements of the shiny app.

Link to relevant lines in the code on GitHub can be found mainly in my latest commit (click to see the details):

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