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Suggestion: addtional tags is unnecessary for a post

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I just posted a bug hunting article on utopian.io. It was a small bug. An ‘utopian-io’ tag is sufficient for it. I think this post has nothing to do with other tags on steemit, so I would like to leave the ‘Tags’ bar blank. However, it was not allowed by utopian.io. I had to add at least one tag.

Maybe additional tags is useful for utopian.io (I am no sure), but I don’t think it is necessary when the post is synced to steemit. Sometimes, if you use a wrong tag, your post is flagged by some whales. You can find what one of my post suffered. I would not risk it.

For safety, I added a tag ‘cn’ to my previous post beside ‘utopian-io’, because I am familiar with cn category and I am sure it won’t be flagged only if I write something in Chinese in this post. So I wrote like this (translated into English):

I added a cn tag to this post only because utopian.io requires an additional tag.

Isn’t it ridiculous?

I would suggest that the ‘Tags’ bar should be allowed to be blank. Or at least for the synchronization to steemit.

Hmm, the tag ‘test’ might be another safe way to cheat utopian.io.

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