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Suggestion: the help information of the tag bar - 如何在 Utopian.io 发帖只保留 'utopian-io' 一个标签?

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The tag bar of a post on Utopian.io looks like this:


When you add 4 tags in it, your post on steemit will show 5 tags. The ‘utopian-io’ tag is added automatically. It gives an impression that ‘utopian-io’ tag is added automatically and you don’t have to do it manually.

This impression confused me for a long time. Suppose I want to post an article with only the ‘utopian-io’ tag. As it is added automatically, I should leave the tag bar blank. However, it is not allowed by utopian.io. I have to add at least one tag manually.


Thus I added ‘cn’ when I wrote bilingually, or ‘test’ for safety. Safety means that if you use the wrong tag, your post might be flagged (see an example). The ‘test’ tag is never wrong.

I submitted a suggestion to Utopian.io that users should be allowed to leave the tag bar blank, but my suggestion was rejected.

Then I asked on discord, and finally got the answer: just write utopian-io tag manually, then the post will have only ‘utopian-io’ tag.

See, it really took me some time to find this trick.

Others don’t have to waste so much time as I did. I would suggest that this trick should be written in the help information of the tag bar like this:

Separate tags with commas. Only lowercase letters, numbers and hyphen character is permitted. ‘utopian-io’ tag will be added automatically. If you do not have other tags, please fill with only ‘utopian-io’ manually.

在 Utopian.io 发帖,同步到 steemit 上时,会自动添加 ‘utopian-io’ 主标签。如果我不想让帖子出现在 其他标签下,该怎么办?既然主标签是自动添加,那么想当然就是不填别的标签就行了吧?但是不行,utopian.io 要求必须添加至少一个标签。

挺烦人,我建议应该允许用户留空标签(既然主标签是自动添加的),没必要硬填个不必要的标签,而且避免不慎用错标签被踩(比如 这个例子)。但是我的建议被驳回了,理由是我的建议“不符合utopian 的规则”,而且“用错标签是用户自己的问题”。这两条理由我保留意见,驳回我的留言是我们的 @justyy 留的(经 justyy 解释,是他用自己的 ID 发布他的 supervisor 的意见)。

今天费了点工夫,终于问来这个小技巧:只需手动添上 ‘utopian-io’ 标签就行了,不会跟自动添加的冲突。这我可没想到。我想的是添加个 ‘test’ 标签,因为这个标签下是大家测试用的,没人踩。


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