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Summer Holiday in Southern France (VI): Avignon 带着俩娃游南法 (实时报道第八天): 阿维尼翁

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Avignon was not supposed to be in our trip, because it was said that the transportation from Marseille to Avignon was inconvenient, especially if we brought two kids with us. However, my wife would like to see if any lavender field was still worth a visit, and one of my previous posts got a kind comment by @amvanaken that I should go to Avignon. As our calendar was still blank for the eighth day of the holiday, we decided to pay a one-day visit to Avignon. Inconvenient transpiration? We rent a car and drove ourselves.

阿维尼翁本不在我们的行程里。据说,从马赛去阿维尼翁的交通不大方便,尤其是我们还带着两个孩子。然而,我媳妇依然想看看有没有薰衣草田值得一看,而我前面一篇帖子得到 @amvanaken 的留言说阿维尼翁值得一去。此次度假的第八天,反正原本也没什么计划,我们就去看看吧。交通不便?没关系,我们租了台车,自驾游。

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Day 8. Avignon 阿维尼翁

It took us much more time than expected to get to Avignon: the car rental service spent some time to prepare a child seat for us, the kids asked for a pause on the way, and we took the wrong exit of the highway. When we arrived, we went to the tourist office immediately. We were told that all lavender fields were truly gone and we should have come in July. It sounded disappointing until we saw the city. The city walls, the Papal Palace, and the Pont Saint-Bénézet were very impressive. No regret to have come to Avignon!



The city walls. 老城墙

iDSC01417.jpg Republic Road, along which you could see the subsequent sights 共和大街。沿着这条大街就能看到下面的所有主要景点


City AdministrationPapal palace 市政厅


In the yard of Temple St Martial 在圣马尔蒂阿庙的院落里


Theater in the Clock Square 时钟广场的剧院


Papal palace 教皇宫


In the Papal palace 在教皇宫里


On the tip of the Papal palace 登上教皇宫顶 To be continued. Next Episode: Day 9. Cassis


A singer in the Palace Square 教皇宫广场的歌手


Lavender products in the market 市场里出售的薰衣草小物件


The Rh<U+00F4>ne 罗纳河

To be continued. Next Episode: Day 9. Cassis 未完,待续。下集预告:卡西斯。

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