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Summer Holiday in Southern France (VII): Cassis 带着俩娃游南法 (第九天): 卡西斯

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The previous post of mine mentioned that the car rental service spent some time preparing a child seat for us on the eighth day of our holiday. They apologized a lot. As a compensation, they said that the car could be used on the following day until 16:00.

As we had no plan on the ninth day and now we got a free car, we decided to use it and visit a small town close to Marseille: Cassis.



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Day 9. Cassis 卡西斯

Cassis, which few people know, is a small port in the National Park. It took us almost one hour to drive from Marseille to Cassis, with much time spent in the traffic jam!



National Park 国家公园


On the road in the Park. 国家公园里的道路


Cassis Port 卡西斯港


A break at Cassis 小憩


A cute boat outside a restaurant. 某个餐厅外面的小船。

iDSC01460.jpg Panorama of the Park 国家公园全景

To be continued. Next Episode: Day 10. Return to Nice


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