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Summer Holidy in Southern France (II): Monaco 带着俩娃游南法 (2): 摩纳哥

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Previously on Summer Holiday in Southern France:

带着俩娃游南法 前情回顾:

To save money, we booked a family hotel in Nice at a relatively low price: 110 Euro per day. It was cheap for some reasons. The hotel was located close to the railway station. There was a bar nearby and we could hear people talking and laughing loudly at midnight. A road was under construction and the workers even worked in the late evening. We had to close the windows tightly, but there was no air conditioning and the temperature was above 30°C! It seemed fine for the kids. They jumped into the bed and fell asleep immediately. It was just difficult for me and my wife. Luckily we had a fan and ear plugs! We finally survived!


Day 2. Monaco 摩纳哥

On the second day we went to Monaco. I had been confused with Monaco and Morocco for years until this trip. Of course Monaco is not in Southern France, but a neighbor. I guess people don’t mind if I list it in this travel journal.

Monaco is both a country and a city. Technically it is the second smallest country in the world. The easiest way to go from Nice to Monaco is taking Bus No. 100. It is just a normal in-city bus with a ticket price of only 1.5 Euro per person! I could not believe that I would have an international trip by such a bus! As a comparison, the price of a bus ticket within Monaco is 2 Euro!


摩纳哥是个城邦,世界第二小的国家。从尼斯去摩纳哥,最方便的交通方式是乘坐 100 路公交车,票价每人只需 1.5 欧元。我简直不敢相信,竟然可以乘坐普通的大巴进行跨国旅行。要知道,摩纳哥的市内公交车票价都要每人 2 欧呢。


La Port: Finally we found Bus No. 100! 总算是找到了100路公交车的上车地点。


The sea just in your reach from Bus No. 100. 100路公交车上,大海触手可及。


Monte Carlo Casino! 蒙特卡洛大赌场!


Rooms for visitors in the Casino. 赌场内部供游客参观的房间。


A family photo at Monte Carlo Casino. 大赌场的家庭合影。


We took a mini train to travel around the city. 旅游路线小火车。


Sea shore of Monaco. 赌城海岸。


The Palace. 王宫。


Sea, seagull and woman 海,海鸥和女人。

To be continued. Next Episode: Day 3. Cannes


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