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Summer Holidy in Southern France (IV): Marseille 带着俩娃游南法 (实时报道第四第五天): 马赛

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Previously on Summer Holiday in Southern France (带着俩娃游南法 前情回顾):

On the fourth day we checked out of our family apartment in the morning. As our train from Nice to Marseille was about to set off in the afternoon, we still had some time to see something in Nice. We decided to take the mini train for a one-hour tour in the city. Unfortunately, our luggage wes not allowed to take onto the mini train. Therefore, my wife took the mini train with the kids, and I stayed at the roadside and looked after the luggage. It was a long hour, when I was feeding pigeons. 15 pigeons in total!


It is not easy to bring two kids with us in a long-distance trip. Sometimes the nine-years-old kid feels bored. Apparently video games are more attractive to him. Sometimes the three-year-old kid feels tired. He has never been walking everyday like this. On the fourth day and the fifth day we slowed down so as to give the kids more or less a break.


Day 4 and 5. Marseille

We arrived in Marseille in the late afternoon. Luckily we had air-conditioning in our family hotel. The room was much larger than that in Nice. The kids loved it!


The fifth day, we got up quite late. We took a tram to the city center: Vieux Port. The old town was built around the Port. Fort Saint-Jean, the Cathedral, and the Basilica of Our Lady of the Guard (Notre-Dame de la Garde) were the most impressive sight-seeings there.



Welcome words in Chinese in Marseille. 马赛街头的中文欢迎词。


M, the abbreviation for Marseille. Not for McDonald! M是马赛首字母,不是麦当劳!


Vieux Port. 老港


Fort Saint-Jean. 圣让堡。


In a tunnel of Fort Saint-Jean. 圣让堡的一条隧道


The Cathedral. 大教堂


Take a picture father and son! 父子合个影!


the Basilica of Our Lady of the Guard (Notre-Dame de la Garde) 守护圣母圣殿


Sunset in the tower 塔里的日落

To be continued. Next Episode: Day 6. If Island


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