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Summer Holidy in Southern France (V): Coast 带着俩娃游南法 (实时报道第六第七天): 马赛的海岸

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The most famous island in Marseille is If owing to Alexandre Dumas’ adventure novel The Count of Monte Cristo. I would like to pay a one-day visit to this island, but the kids had no interest. They were more interested in the transportation than the destination. I guess that is the difference between adults and kids. Finally we decided to take a cruise to see the coast and islands. I could see the If island from the boat, they said.


Previously on Summer Holiday in Southern France (带着俩娃游南法 前情回顾):

Day 6 and 7. Cruise and swimming

There were two kinds of cruises available, so called the small cruise of 2.25 hours, and big cruise of 3.25 hours. The latter went half an hour farther. Considering that my younger kid might probably fall asleep, and everyone was tired on Day 6, we took the small cruise. We only sat in the boat and did not have to get up. It was an energy-saving day!


The kids were full of energy on Day 7. They were looking forward to playing on the beach. By taking Bus 19 we found a beach, which was not as good as the one in Cannes, but better than the one in Nice. At least there was sand rather than stones!



Cruise starting from Vieux Port 航线从老港开始


If island 伊夫岛


Wondering how they got there. 真不知道他们是怎么爬上去的


An island whose name I did not know 不知名的小岛


The most beautiful port 航线上最美的一个小港口


One of these four guys dived into the sea after I just took this photo 我刚刚拍完这张照片,四个小伙里就有一个跃入海里


I love this blue 爱上了这片蔚蓝

iDSC01267.jpg Sailors back home 水手们回家了

iDSC01315.jpg Fish soups in a shop 小店里的鱼肥皂


Playing time on a Beach in Marseille 马赛沙滩的游戏时间

iDSC01321.jpg Take a picture, father and son. 父与子

To be continued. Next Episode: Day 8. Avignon


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