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[Task Request] Logo for the CN-kids contest on Steemg

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Steemg (website: http://steemg.org) is an online tool which collects and analyze the data of steem activities and contests. Steemg displays all the related posts of an activity or contest, even if some of them are too old to find on steemit.com. The participation frequency of each author is summarized. Participants and organizers of the activity can see the statistic analysis figures. For more information about the project you can read an brief introduction in one of my previous post: [New Project] steemg: an online collection and analysis tool for steem activities and contests. Thanks to the support from utopian.io!

Recently, a new contest, CN-kids, was added to steemg. Some parents spend so much time on Steem that they miss many great work made by their children. CN-Kids is a new contest in the CN community. Any work, such as songs, poems, diaries, or drawings, by a kid < 12 years old can participate this contest. CN-Kids Contest was intended to draw their attention to their children’s growing up.

What I need

Currently, there is no official logo for CN-kids contest. I need a logo for this contest, so that the page on steemg would be displayed in a better way. The organizer of CN-kids contest agreed that this logo would be used in the CN-kids posts on steem in the future.


  • The CN-kids contest is something about kids and parents. It would be nice if the logo can describe this topic.

  • The color scheme for the log should agree with the website’s color scheme. A screenshot of the website steemg is shown below.


  • The logo should be submitted in one of the following formats: .png, .jpg, .gif.

  • Currently an image is embedded in the webpage for temporal use. The logo dimension should be similar to the image.

  • The CN-kids contest is not limited to the Chinese community. So please do not limit the logo regionally.


  • The logo will be embedded in the header of the side panel of the webpage on steemg.

  • The logo will be used in the posts of the CN-kids contest on Steem.


1st May 2018 00:00 UTC.


Contact @dapeng on steemit.com or pzhaonet on github.com.

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