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Tips: How to Embed Music or Sound into a Steem Post 如何在帖子里添加音乐或声音

Links: steemit.com, cnsteem.com, busy.org, steemdb.com, steemd.com

I guess everyone knows how to insert images (![](img link)) or video clips (Youtube) into a Steem markdown post. But do you know how to embed music or sound clips?

It is very simple: soundcloud.com. I made a tutorial as follows:


Here is the description:

  1. Search for music or upload your own.
  2. Open the web page of your target music or sound.
  3. Click the ‘share’ button below the comment bar.
  4. Click ‘Embed’ on the top of the new small window, and you will get the code.
  5. Copy and paste it into your steem post. Done!

You can choose whether to play it automatically (please don’t), and the starting point.

Got it? If so, show it in a reply to this post! Here is mine:

可能每个人都知道如何往 steemit 的帖子里插入图片 (![](img link)) 或视频 (Youtube) 。但是你知道如何插入音乐或声音吗?

非常简单: soundcloud.com。我做了个简单的教程动画,见本文开头。文字描述如下:

  1. 搜索或上传音乐或声音。
  2. 打开目标声音的页面。
  3. 点击 ‘share’ 按钮。
  4. 点击窗口顶部的 ‘Embed’,就得到了代码。
  5. 将代码拷贝粘贴到帖子里。