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What shall I do when steemit.com is down (Steemit 挂掉的时候我该做什么)

Links: steemit.com, cnsteem.com, busy.org, steemdb.com, steemd.com

This morning when I got up, I found that I was unable to visit steemit.com. The first thing coming to my mind was: has all my steem dollars been stolen by some hackers, or taken away by the investors?

Don’t panic. I told myself. Think about those whales and orcas. They will lose more than you. Then I felt much better.

今天早上起床来,发现上不去 steemit.com 了。涌进我脑子的第一个念头是:我 steem 上的钱不会是被黑客黑了吧?不会被投资人卷走了吧——


OK. I was just joking. When you get used to steem, you feel uncomfortable with steemit.com down. Here is what you could do if it happens again.

  1. Go to Down For Everyone Or Just Me, which tells you whether the website is down for everyone or only for you. If it is just you, check your Internet status.
  2. If steemit.com is down for everyone, you can visit other websites based on the blockchain database, e.g.:
  3. Shutdown your computer or cellphone and go jogging. Life is far more than steem.



好啦,不开玩笑了。当你习惯了上 steem 的时候,一旦 steemit.com 挂了,可能会有各种不适应,就像烟瘾发作一样。下面告诉你该怎么做:

  1. 访问 挂的到底是你一个还是所有人,看看是不是你自己的网络问题。
  2. 如果是 steemit.com 的问题,你可以改用其他的网站,都是基于 steem 区块链数据库,如:
  3. 或者,关掉你的电脑或手机,出去跑个步。生活,比 steem 要大得多。